2x Ultimate Ears™ 200vi Headset - Blue

2x Ultimate Ears™ 200vi Headset - Blue

2x Ultimate Ears™ 200vi Headset - Blue
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    Fast Delivery, Outstanding Quality, I would recommend these to everyone!

    Posted by Sarah on 24th Jun 2011

    Ive always needed a better set of earphones compared to the default apple ones, and when you have a Shuffle 3GS, its hard to find a good one with a controller.

    So I thought id give these a test, they looked good, they are colourful rather then a bland white, and have proper ear cushions that block out the sound and dont fall out of your ears when you move around. Since they have arrived ive tested just about every genre of music, from pop, dance, techno, dubstep, DnB, Metal, Rock and more, and no matter the sound, the quality is always amazing, the bass is asif you where listening through a subwoofer.

    They even come with different sized cushions, and the size of these cushions varies so well, I was lucky that the default ones where perfect for my ears, so I didnt have to change them. They even come with a nifty carry case, that matches the colour of the earphones you ordered. So Blue = Blue carry case.

    The controller is sturdy and built well, but not sturdy in the way the buttons are hard to press, the middle button glides down easily when you press it, I do believe this quality far outweighs that of the default ipod shuffle earphones.

    All in all, I rate this product a 5/5, ive listened through many different earphones, and the quality these produce is outstanding and clearly way above the average. Ive been jumping around and the earphones havent fallen out or budged! These are truly amazing earphones. I would recommened them to everyone!